Four types of longboards

What kind of longboard should I get in 2021? (Ultimate guide)

If you are looking to get into longboarding, the first question you have to ask yourself is – what kind of a longboard should I get in 2020? 

Just starting out, I also questioned myself about the ride quality and the look I would like to have when I would hop on my newly purchased board. 

In this article, I have compiled a list of the most popular and well known longboard types. From drop-troughs to mini cruisers and will guide you through all of them. 

Let’s dive right in!

List of the most popular longboard types

Longboards, as we know them now, were first introduced in the 1950’s in the United States.

Although, at the beginning, they didn’t receive much traction in the eyes of the public, in the coming decades they have proved themselves as a very popular and convenient means of transportation.

In more than 50 years, this list of longboard types have proven themselves as the most popular ones:

  • Drop-through longboards
  • Top-mount longboards
  • Electric longboards
  • Mini cruisers
  • Dancer longboards

I have done some research and in the coming sections of the article, I will let you know which type of longboard would be the best fit for you.

Drop-through longboards

Drop-through longboard
Longboard in the image: Volador 42 inch freeride longboard

Drop-through longboards are one of the most popular and most used boards out there. 

If you are looking to get into longboarding or if you are an intermediate rider who is interested in a different board, this would be a great fit for you.

The most important design detail for this type of board is that there are cut out holes in each end of the board which allow the trucks to go through the board itself.

This interesting feature allows to position the board closer to the ground making it more stable and appropriate for inexperienced riders.

Also, an important factor is the flexibility of the board which will determine the quality of your ride. Flexy longboards are the most flexible out there, and typically are made out of fiberglass or bamboo, and mable venner. 

If you are looking to go for some exciting down-high rides, I would recommend a stiffer board that won’t move around a lot at high speeds. 

For long cruises throughout an un-elevated terrain, I would suggest purchasing a flexible longboard as it will absorb all of the shocks and provide a comfortable ride.

So the question really goes down to the purpose of your longboard – whill you use it for a ride to your work or school, or if you want to chase some adrenalin and speed. 

You can always also choose the pick in between them and go for a medium stiff board, that will be great for both activities.

The last thing to think about when considering this type of a board would be that in the beginning it will be difficult to learn how to maneuver the board and make quick turns.

Top-mount longboards

Top-mount longboard
Longboard in the image: carryBC 34 inch cruiser longboard

As it is easy to tell by the name of the board, it is mounted on-top of the tracks, hence, it is not as close to the ground and doesn’t have the stability of a drop-through longboard.

Although, it gives the rider the opportunity to maneuver more easily, at the same time it will be less stable and it will be harder to stay on-top of the board whilst riding it.

This type of board is typically picked by intermediate riders who have the skills to make quick turns and have the experience to stay on the board.

It is great for people who are looking to make quick rides through the city, as it is quite small and easy to carry around, and also it will allow you to make quick turns, and maneuver around people or other roadblocks. 

The bent heel of the board allows also to do some small hops over obstacles or to jump on the walkway without even stopping. It will allow the rider to move quickly through the city and get from point A to point B in no time. 

The experience is close to riding a skateboard, the main difference being the elevated height of the board, and the size of the wheels. Additionaly, the trucks are more softer which allows the board to lean from side to side more easily.

Of course, you can do some carves and other tricks with this type of a board, and all together it is a fun thing to have in your arsenal of boards. 

Electric longboards

Electric longboard
Longboard in the image: RazorX DLx electric board

Electric longboards are the newcomers of the gang as in the recent years electrical transport has gained more popularity throughout the work.

These days it is easier and easier to find a good selection of affordable high-quality electric boards.

They are great for people who would like to drive a longboard to their workplaces or schools, as the battery range will allow the ride around all day without doing any pushes with your legs.

Also, one of the best things is that the rider won’t get sweaty riding these boards, and you will not be scared to use it to drive to an important meeting or event.

As the technology advances day by day, we can expect too soon to reach a point where people will be able to go on really long rides with their boards with only one charge. 

More and more riders are choosing comfort and the ease of the ride and have purchased electrical longboards to make their rides even easier. 

If you are interested to still have a fun ride without getting even tired, this is the right board for you. Remember, that if the battery runs out, you will be still able to get to your destination with a few pushes (or more) and you won’t be left stranded somewhere. 

Mini cruisers

Mini-cruiser board
Longboard in the image: FlyBee 27 inch mini cruiser

Mini cruiser boards are quite similar to top-mounted longboards, they just are smaller in size which gives them even more portability than its larger cousin.

They are one of the best daily-riders around the city center as their small size will allow you to take it everywhere and will give you the chance to stop less and jump on walkways.

From the previously mentioned longboards, cruiser boards are the closest relatives to skateboards. also known as “trick boards”. 

Their shape, size and weight are really similar to a typical skateboard, but the height of the trucks and the wheels won’t allow you to do some crazy flips that are possible with a regular skate.

The wheels on these can be quite soft to allow them to absorb the shocks and ride over some potential small cracks or holes in the pavement. 

One thing that I would not certainly do is to go for some wild and crazy fast down-high rides with a mini cruiser board. There isn’t a lot of surface to stand on and hold your balance at high speeds.

Dancer longboards

Longboard in the image: Volador 46 inch dancing longboard

Dancer longboards are one of the most interesting types as their length provides great stability and the possibility to walk on the board, easily changing your stance while riding it.

With such a longboard you can do many tricks that look like you would be “dancing” on the board, hence the name – dancing longboard.

Here are some great examples of longboard dancing: 

Additionally, the boards are not only great for tricks, but also for long distance cruising.

The only downside about the length of the board is that it would be difficult to make sudden turns, and it is more appropriate for riding in the outskirts of the city.

Dancer longboards have a very unique riding style and often it is compared to surfing on a pavement, as some of the moves are quite similar to the ones that surfers make. 

If you surf or would like to have the same feeling while you are riding through your hometown a dancer longboard will be a great choice for you.

What type of longboards will be best to ride with in 2021?

This year brought a lot of challenges to the world, and we have had to rethink how we move around.

If you have relocated outside of the city to enjoy the nature, I would recommend getting a drop-through or a dancer longboard. 

It will allow you to go out for some great long rides on the countryside roads, or to have some exciting rides going downhill some steep mountain roads.

If you have decided to stay in the city, a top-mount or a mini cruiser will be the best choice for you to ride to work or school. The smaller deck size will provide the necessary portability and you will be able to carry it wherever you want.


Although it is important to think about the type of longboard you should get, the most important thing is starting to get one and start riding as soon as you can.

After getting onto the board you will feel the rush and will want to schedule even more time for your rides every day.

So look at your daily schedule, decide where and when you will ride your longboard.

If it will be the city center, then pick a top-mounted or a mini cruiser board, and if it is the outskirts of the city or some long walkways, then pick a drop-through or a dancer board.

Have you already decided what kind of a board you will get? 

Leave a comment and mention which board will be more appropriate for you, or if you already have a board let us know what kind do you have, and why?

What type of longboard should I get was the questions I asked myself too much – I hope this article will help all the new longboarders out there!

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