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Best longboarding Instagram accounts to follow in 2021? [TOP 5]

Sometimes we just need a little push, a little bit of inspiration to take our board for a nice and long ride. I have explored the great depths of social media and have compiled a list of the best longboarding Instagram accounts to follow in 2021. 

If you are looking for great pictures and videos about longboarding, you’ll love this post.

Let’s get started!

1) Lngboarding

Check them out: @lngboarding

The Instagram account provides a daily dose of interesting pictures and videos about longboarding. 

It is not owned by a well-known public figure or a brand, but it’s just a simple and easy-going longboarding theme page that will provoke you to get your board and head out for a wild ride.

It has more than 42 thousand followers from all around the world. The author of the page has published more than 200 posts, starting from longboarding dancing videos to some nice tricks and great pictures. 

Once in a while, you will also see some photos with great tips to polish your longboarding skills as well as some amazingly designed longboards. 

2) Pure Longboarding

Check them out: @purelongboarding

Pure Longboarding is an online longboarding course created by Brandon DesJarlais. The account was created to make longboarding more accessible, safe and fun for riders at any age group.

The account itself has more than 44 thousand followers, and the post feed is combined of different types of posts – videos, longboarding lessons, and even some great memes. 

Sometimes their longboarding course opens up to newcomers, and the information about the enrollment is provided on the account. 

If you are looking for the best longboarding Instagram account to follow in 2021 for learning purposes, this one will be it!

3) Longboardance

Check them out: @longboardance

Yes, you can already tell what this account will be about…

Longboardance has the best collection of longboarding dancing videos available on Instagram. The account provides some great material on one of the most fun sides of longboarding. 

In the posts, you will be able to learn more about longboarding dancing and find some great moves to try out on your longboard. 

The account has more than 8 thousand followers and more than 5 thousand posts, so you will have plenty of material to cover once you follow the account.

4) Landyachtz

Check them out: @landyachtz

We all know that Landyachtz is a known brand, but I felt like I should add them to the list because of their provided high-quality content. 

Once I started longboarding, I fell in love with their boards and the look of their Instagram account. Nothing gets me more excited about picking up my board than going through some shops and checking what I could add or change about my set-up.

Although the account was made and is meant for commercial purposes, the company keeps up its profile with some great videos and quality pictures. 

Additionally, they publish some of their new or old products that can come in handy if you are looking for a new board or anything else. 

You can join the family of more than 170 thousand followers, and scroll through more than 3 thousand posts.

5) Longboard Picture

Check them out: @longboard.picture

It is one of the smaller accounts from the list, but it still competes with all of the previously mentioned ones. 

After following this account you will be able to find some great longboarding photos with some awesome moments that a lot of longboarders share. 

The account has a certain vibe to it and it will make you want to travel to Hawaii and take many relaxing rides along the coastline. 

If you are a free spirit that is looking for an adventure, this account will be just right for you!


Inspiration works and it will make you go out and take action but as with all stimulants you have to do it daily to see some real results. 

Because of this, I would advise you to follow some of the above-mentioned accounts and then take 5 minutes of your time to check up on the best longboarding Instagram accounts to follow in 2021. 

I guarantee that this will have a positive effect on your motivation to ride and your ride quality! 

See you next time!

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