Privacy policy

When using the website, you may be required to provide personal information, including information necessary for customers to subscribe to the website’s email newsletter or send a message and submit questions to the website’s administrators via the contact form created on the website. The Skate District (hereinafter – the Company) undertakes to treat the personal information submitted by the visitors of this website confidentially, observing all the principles of the highest security. As part of this commitment, the Company has developed this Privacy Policy to ensure that visitors to the Website are aware of why the information is being collected, explain what information is being collected and where it is stored. This Privacy Policy also ensures that the Website complies with the relevant legal requirements. Personal data is any information about a website visitor that to some extent identifies a person or creates conditions for determining a person’s identity. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU), the processor of the data obtained on this website is the company.

What kind of personal information does the company collect and store about you?

The company collects and stores on this site only the information necessary for the successful implementation of one or more of its functions. Personal data collected from visitors to the website includes personal name and private e-mail.

How is the required personal information collected?

The visitor’s personal data is stored when the person voluntarily subscribes to the website newsletter by e-mail. The email is stored in the company’s Internet marketing profile database. The person’s name and e-mail must be provided in the contact form created in the contacts section of the website. It should be noted that the name is not required in this section in order to send a message to the website administrators. The customer’s name specified in the contacts section is not saved anywhere, the information provided in the “Name” field of the contact form is for information purposes only, which will improve the communication process between the company and the visitor.

How is visitors’ personal information used?

The Company has the right to use the obtained personal data of visitors to provide information about the offers and services described on the website in the form of e-mail newsletters, which are sent using the e-mail marketing platform MailChimp. The main use is regular marketing and communication activities in e-mail. You can opt out of receiving this email newsletter at any time.

To whom and how may customers’ personal information be disclosed?

The Skate District Privacy Policy states that under no circumstances may the customer information obtained be passed on to a third party for use. It is intended only for to provide certain communication functions.

How long will the information be stored?

Your personal information will be stored for as long as the company has the right to use it for information purposes, until you decide not to receive e-mail news in the intended manner.

Protection of your personal data

The security of your personal information is very important to the company. Therefore, technical and physical safeguards are in place to protect the personal information submitted by visitors to the Site from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, disclosure, alteration and unauthorized use in any other form of information processing. The company offers the highest possible protection against improper use of visitors’ personal data and unauthorized access to it. Data transmission is ensured by a high security layer Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). In case of breaches, we will act in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and report the data deficiencies to the local data protection authority without undue delay, which is no later than 72 hours after the incident.

Examination of data subject’s complaints

If you are dissatisfied with our work in processing your personal information or would like to receive additional information about the data processing process, please contact us by e-mail

Consent of the data subject

By entering your personal e-mail or other information in the fields provided on the website, you consent to this Privacy Policy and agree that the company processes and uses the information you provide to achieve the above purposes.

How do cookies work and why do we use them?

By visiting our Website, you consent to the use of our cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Cookies are small files that a browser stores on a visitor’s computer or other smart device each time a person visits a website. Files store information on your computer or mobile device and are used:

  • to allow us to identify you and your device, for example by identifying your IP address;
  • to provide you with a personalized and customized experience on our website;
  • to obtain data that will allow us to understand how visitors use our website so that we can improve it.

We remind you that every visitor to always has the option to turn off cookies in the web or smartphone browser settings.

Privacy Policy Updates

The Company will regularly update and update the content of the Privacy Policy of the Website to reflect improvements or other changes in its operations. If you object to any of the changes, please contact us or stop using the site services immediately.